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Project Description
This SharePoint 2010 webpart creates a navigation control from a Managed Metadata column assigned to a list/library. The Termset the column relates to is used as the basis for constructing the webpart content. It also shows the number of item by term. XSL compatible, C# & .Net v4

Here's an example of the default output of the web part:

The web part first connects to the the list specified in the web part properties and then inspects the column specified in the web part properties to determine the taxonomy it is asscoicated with. It then convert the entire taxonmony to a XML string, with a node for each term. It then counts the items in the specified list that have been assigned to each term. Finally it convert the XML to HTML via the XSL you specify.

If you want to use the sample termset I've used in this example, it can be downloaded here: AnimalTermSet.csv

By altering the XSL you can format the displayed HTML and control such things as where clicking on a term takes you, if terms with no items are displayed etc.

Because you can specify the xsl, you're able to create virtually any navigation effect you wish. Below is an example of the web part than uses the jQuery accordian module to convert the taxonomy XML into an animated navigation control:
A live version of this webpart can be seen here:

Finally, here's the web part options you can specify:

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